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The Strongest CBD Oil UK — Top 5 CBD Brands & Reviews (2019)

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At this point, it’s safe to say CBD isn’t just a trendy new health craze. It’s here to stay. The North American CBD oil industry is valued at about half a billion dollars, and the UK market is already at 50 million pounds. The many savvy British entrepreneurs entering the market are keen to get on the action and one way to really stand out is by offering a high-quality oil that is very strong. Though the UK CBD industry is still finding its way, some companies are already producing some very potent CBD products. Let’s take a look at the strongest CBD oils in the UK and the brands selling them in this thriving industry.

Strongest CBD Oil UK

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Blessed CBD

1. Blessed CBD

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1. Blessed CBD

Before we get too far in, the team has to admit that we are already not holding true to this list. Hear us out before getting too upset! 

This list is about the strongest CBD oils found in the UK, and while most people associate strongest oil with best oil, that isn’t always the case. 

So we ask: Does strongest matter if it’s not the best? Our thoughts exactly. 

Blessed CBD

Keeping that in mind, Blessed CBD is not one of the strongest oils on the market but it is the most effective CBD oil we’ve tried to date. 

Using organic hemp grown in Colorado, they start off with some of the best hemp in the world. Their extraction and distillation processes produce one of the cleanest, quality oils in the UK and every oil contains 0% THC. 

Blessed CBD’s strongest oil contains 1,000mg of CBD for around £65. They are not the cheapest, but their CBD oil works very well, and is used by all of us here at HerbMighty. If you need the #1 rated CBD oil in the UK, this is it.

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Blessed CBD is a family-operated business that only takes in a handful of customers at a time. This isn’t done to drive demand or be perceived as busy, it’s because they prioritize batch consistency over all else.

They are a small group, and to ensure each batch’s consistency, they must create the amount that makes that possible and no more.

The last thing that is worth noting about this company is their refusal to expand the product range beyond oils. While many companies offer edibles, topicals and capsules, Blessed CBD concentrates on creating one thing and one thing only: CBD oil. 

Though by no means the strongest, the CBD oil they produce is a leader in quality and we fully recommend it.

2. Hemp Botanics

Claimed as a pioneer in the CBD market, every single Hemp Botanic products is full spectrum and includes terpenes. 

Most UK sellers don’t include hemp-derived cannabinoids, as this is more of an American offering, but Hemp Botanics is unlike most UK sellers. Their products contain hemp-derived cannabinoids because the founders, Nick and Lisa-Marie, believe it is the best in the world. 

Hemp Botanics differs from other companies because they also sell CBD products from other top brands. Check out Hemp Botanics if you’re interested in getting your hands on hard-to-find brands like CBDistillery, because they actually have the strongest CBD oil on the site. 

Just 1ml of oil comes with about 168mg of CBD. According to third party test results, each ml has 174mg CBD and a minimal amount of THC. Additional ingredients include MTC oil, one of the best carriers for CBD to absorb into your body. That’s about all you’ll find in this tincture because it is also non-GMO and pesticide-free. 

3. Love Hemp

This London based company was founded in 2015 and claims to be the #1 supplier of hemp and CBD products in the UK. One product in particular, their innovative CBD water, has garnered a ton of praise. Each bottle of 500ml water is infused with droplets of CBD hemp. 

Though ordering from their website can be quite an annoying experience when you’re in serious pain or dealing with chronic conditions, you won’t care about that when you see the type of potency Love Hemp has available. You can buy a 100ml bottle of oil containing a colossal 10,000mg of CBD. 

For most CBD users, the 100mg of CBD per 1ml of oil is more than enough. When considering the price for 1,000mg is only £40, this is an excellent value for your money. 

Love Hemp grows their hemp in BIO soil and uses no chemical fertilizers or growth hormones. 

4. Elixinol

Founded by Paul Benhaim, a known cannabis activist, Elixinol may be headquartered in California, but it is very much a global company. It ships CBD products to Britain and maintains an office in Manchester. 

Elixinol’s 3,600mg tincture secures its place on our list. Available in Cinnamint or Natural flavor it costs about £180 once exchange rates are taken into account. 

There is 120ml of liquid in the bottle, so the actual CBD you get per ml isn’t as strong as some of the other brands on this list. But at 30mg of CBD per ml, it is still a decent amount. There is a stronger version that Elixinol produces, for some reason, though, this 5,000mg tincture is only available to Brazilian customers. 

Their oil is full spectrum and contains amino acids, flavonoids, vitamins, nitrogenous compounds and a wide range of other molecules. 

Like every other CBD brand that takes transparency and their reputation seriously, Elixinol provides a certificate of analysis. Unique to them, they also provide several other lab reports for each and every product. 

5. Love CBD

Not so long ago, it was normal for a 500mg tincture to be the strongest CBD product offered by sellers. The industry is no longer in its infancy and 500mg is at the lower end of the spectrum for brands like Love CBD. 

Love CBD’s 2,000mg bottle, which will cost you about £130, is pretty strong. It contains 20ml of liquid which means that each ml provides a huge 100mg dosage of CBD and CBDa. The strength of their oils is confirmed by their Certificate of Analysis, most recently showing 106mg of CBD per ml – 10% stronger than the advertised amount. 

Love CBD does their tinctures a bit differently than most regarding the administering methods. Instead of using a dropper, painstakingly trying to adhere to the correct number of droplets while not contaminating the dropper itself, you simply spray theirs under your tongue. 

Each spray delivers a remarkable 16mg of CBD and CBDa extract. If you were to take one dosage of spray daily, a bottle from Love CBD will last you over 4 months. If you were to up that dosage to 3 sprays a day, you’d still have the same bottle for just about 6 weeks. This isn’t even taking into account a bottle containing a stronger dose of CBD. 

Third party lab reports also show each batch contains trace amounts of other cannabinoids that include CBN, CBG, CBDV and a small amount of THC. Besides cannabis extract, the only ingredient you’ll find in this oil is olive oil. Love CBD adds no chemical flavorings or other unnecessary ingredients. 

Definitely a brand to give a try. 

Final Thoughts & Summary

The 1,000mg tincture would have been regarded as very strong, but as you can see from this list, many sellers offer strengths far greater. The market changes, adapts and innovates so quickly that soon the 10,00mg offered by Love Hemp will surely be surpassed as well. 

Blessed CBD stands above the rest because they have perfected a technique and formula that produces some of the most effective combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids. 

Blessed CBD

Every brand on this list is one we recommend wholeheartedly, and are worth giving a try, but don’t let the strength of an oil cloud your judgement of its quality. Instead of focusing on brands that offer massive concentrations of CBD, find one that produces the best formula for your body and medical conditions. 

Blessed CBD: The #1 CBD Oil In UK

Though by no means the strongest, the CBD oil from Blessed CBD is a leader in quality and we fully recommend it. The #1 CBD oil brand in the UK.

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