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Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Review (MUST SEE): 2019 Review + Coupon

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A question we get often is ‘where can I buy Charlotte’s Web CBD oil?’ Charlotte’s Web CBD is quickly becoming one of the world’s best-known CBD brands. The first CBD oil created by Charlotte’s Web (also known as CW) CBD successfully treated a 6-year old girl’s seizures, thrusting the oil into the international spotlight. After the oil’s initial success, the founders started the company we know today and they have been a pioneer in the industry ever since. Here’s our must-read Charlotte’s Web CBD review.

charlottes web CBD

The CBD products offered by Charlotte’s Web are extremely effective and affordable. Due to this, they do not offer any discounts. However, we’ve managed to secure a special coupon exclusively for our readers:

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Charlotte’s Web

After nearly 10 years, CW CBD is one of the most trusted brands in the CBD industry because they are masters when it comes to creating CBD oil. The company’s oil is considered one of the best on the market (and there are many CBD products on the market), with its formula being effective for treating seizures, managing pain and maintaining overall wellness.

Though the original oil used to treat that little girl has never been sold in stores, a hemp-based alternative was created and has been available worldwide since the beginning of Charlotte’s Web CBD. How well do their oils really work? Are they worth the money? 

We cover it all in this Charlotte’s Web hemp oil review.

Charlotte’s Web CBD

Founded by seven brothers (known as the ‘Stanley Brothers’ / ‘Stanley Brothers CBD’), and named after the young girl whose life was forever changed, Charlotte’s Web CBD has a reputation that precedes itself in the industry.

charlotte's web CBD

The company created a CBD oil that drastically reduced the number of seizures Charlotte experienced – from over 200 a week down to three per month, shocking the medical community and the world. Since then, it has introduced balms, capsules, and creams to its range of products.

As one of the most globally recognized brands, CW CBD oil has been in the industry for close to a decade and has won a number of awards that prove they are more than a heart-warming story.

They’re dedicated.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Review

Made from the company’s own strain, CW CBD’s signature oil is available in 3 strengths. Formerly known as the Everyday Hemp Oil line, they are now listed as Extra Strength, Maximum Strength, and Original Formula – clarifying matters a great deal. Each strength comes in 30mL and 100mL and Mint Chocolate and Olive Oil. 

Marketed as a dietary supplement, but assisted by the taste, you can add this CBD oil to food, drinks, or take it by itself. As an olive oil infused with hemp extract, the taste is mostly olive oil – smooth, thin and light. Many people who were turned off from either flavor just needed time to adjust, and often come to love the flavors.

cw hemp CBD

Very dark bottles are used to package the oil and the cap is a dropper. The dropper has no markings on it, making it difficult to know how much you are taking. When the oil is getting low, it’s hard to tell because the bottle is so dark. Dark bottles prolong the shelf life, but it’s not uncommon for customers to swap out the dropper cap for one that is easier to use.

Why Choose Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil?

Charlotte’s Web makes a high-quality CBD oil celebrated by customers and peer alike, but here’s what really stood out to the HerbMighty team.

  • Fast & effective relief:

The amazing results experienced by Charlotte and her family have always focused the spotlight on the oil’s anti-epileptic properties, making it very easy to forget the various medical conditions and ailments it is used for as well. CBD oil is known to provide relief for a wide number of medical symptoms, but it’s important that you go with a brand that is honest, and transparent.

Although CBD oil is growing in popularity, it is not a miracle drug, and those ordering CBD products should understand this. While we’re not allowed to make medical claims about CBD, we still highly recommend purchasing from Charlotte’s Web, based on the thousands of positive experiences we’ve heard from customers.

CW hemp review

cw hemp CBD

  • Consistent quality:

One of the main reasons Charlotte’s Web CBD is loved by many (and the HerbMighty team) is due to the fact that they make a high-quality oil consistently.

Think about the time when that dish you loved didn’t taste quite the same on your next visit to the same restaurant. Now think about people whose daily lives depend on CBD oil to provide relief for them every day. It’s almost cruel to offer an amazing product, tell people they can have it any time and not deliver on the quality. 

Customers have been able to use Charlotte’s Web CBD oil for years thanks to their commitment to delivering an oil that always provides the relief or benefits they are looking for.

charlotte's web CBD review

  • Full spectrum CBD oil:

If you know anything about the HerbMighty team, you know that we are suckers for a quality full-spectrum oil. On top of the wonderful benefits of CBD, you’ll get other cannabinoids, proteins and terpenes that work together to enhance your overall health. 

Charlotte’s Web’s full-spectrum oil feels like it gains momentum daily. Users can feel stronger effects the more they use it. Even if it has not given them the initial effects they were looking for, people can’t help notice the way this oil improves their lives in other ways. 

What Could Be Better?

No brand is perfect, and we don’t expect any of them to be. In the case of Charlotte’s Web, our team would be lying if we said we’d order from another company like CW with zero concerns. Instead, we’ll underline some things we don’t love about the company and some things that we think are worthy of complaints and let you decide for yourself. 

  • Transparency:

The founders of Charlotte’s Web make no attempt to shed light on the method they use to extract oils from hemp plants. From the color, you can guess it’s some kind of CO2 process, but clarification would be appreciated. 

In the same breath, lab results are not posted on the site. In an industry that has few rules and regulations at the moment, it’s vital to know that an oil is free of heavy metals and pesticides. 

Charlotte’s Web has undeniable results and a respected reputation that makes both points minor irritations rather than doubt. They have proven over and over again that their standards are higher than most.

  • Shipping & Customer Support:

The website says it can take up to 13 days for an order to arrive, but in reality, it can take much longer. There is not even an option for expedited shipping, so paying extra money won’t save you from the agonizing wait.

Another potential issue is that your card is often charged before the order ships which can be problematic. 

Customer service is not the best. The hours are very limited and it’s rare to be able to talk to someone.

Final Thoughts & Summary 

HerbMighty has seen a number of oils and companies, but Charlotte’s Web is a powerhouse, blazing its own trail, driven by the desire to make CBD oil known and affordable.

Even with the few issues they have, the oil they produce leaves no doubt that it’s worth the trouble. 

The world has already seen what Charlotte’s Web can do and we’re pretty sure they’re not done yet.

Exclusive Charlotte’s Web CBD Coupon

charlotte's web CBD

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You Can't Go Wrong With Charlotte's Web CBD!

HerbMighty has seen a number of oils and companies, but Charlotte’s Web is a powerhouse, blazing its own trail, driven by the desire to make CBD oil known and affordable. The world has already seen what Charlotte’s Web can do and we’re pretty sure they’re not done yet.

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